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I draw our attention to the last two sides of the piece. ETD & the ProQuest/UMI Dissertations and Theses database Emory submits dissertations to the ProQuest/UMI Dissertations and Theses database.

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The terms of that submission are explained in the ETD submission form, and the access restrictions you choose in Emory’s ETD will be mirrored in the ProQuest database. Contact your school administrator or ADAP with questions about graduation requirements and thesis or dissertation preparation, including formatting and paperwork requirements.

Use the Electronic Theses and Dissertations help form to contact library staff with questions about the electronic submission process and the ETD website. The Emory Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) Repository holds theses and dissertations from the Laney Graduate School, the Rollins School of Public Health, and the Candler School of Theology, as well as undergraduate honors papers from Emory College of Arts and Sciences.

Abstract. The Global Seasonality of Norovirus Gastroenteritis. Background: Norovirus is the leading cause of epidemic, acute gastroenteritis in industrialized countries, and may be a cause of severe disease in certain populations (e.g.

children, elderly, and hospitalized patients).

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The Atlanta University Publications (AUPs), edited mostly by W.E.B. Du Bois, are highly significant because they represent systematic, social-scientific inquiries into the condition and lives of African Americans a century ago.

They are also known as "The Atlanta University Studies." The description posted with each publication below was copied from the information presented on the title page.

For general questions about submitting your thesis or dissertation, contact your school or program. For problems creating a PDF, consult the technology support staff in Emory Center for Digital Scholarship (located on the 3rd floor of Woodruff Library), MediaLab, Student Technology Support (located on the 1st floor of Woodruff Library), or your department.

Emory thesis etd
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